Whoever Says Writing Speeches Is Easy Needs A Kick In The Pants.

If you've tried it, you know: speechwriting is tough.

It's unlike any other form of writing.

Books, magazines, blogs, media releases, social media; they're meant to be read.

But we hear speeches; we write them for the ear.

Great. How do you do it?

My name is Brent Kerrigan and I've been a professional speechwriter for more than a dozen years.

I wrote Speechwriting 101 based on some of the most common questions people asked me about writing speeches—whether for themselves or somebody else.

Sign up and you'll receive one new lesson each week, for a total of 10 weeks—lessons you'll be able to immediately apply to your speeches. I'll also keep you updated about upcoming speechwriting events. 

How good is it? Newsweek recently included Speechwriting 101 as part of their recent article called Top 43 Free Career-Advancing Courses

Why not give it a try? 

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Just Some Of The Articles You'll Get...

  • How To Write For The Ear (Not The Eye!)

  • How To Get a Razor-Sharp Main Point

  • How To Develop One Structure That Works Every Time

  • How To Ask The Right Questions To Get the Information You Need

  • How To Supercharge Your Speeches With Stories

  • How To Measure Audience Reaction To Your Speech

Get Speechwriting 101 Delivered Right Now!

What Others Say...

  • He's a real pro who makes learning (or mastering) the craft straightforward and fun.
    Sheri Saginor (Boston, USA)
  • It goes without saying that Mr. Kerrigan is a supremely talented speechwriter, a master of his craft and a lover of the spoken word. Far beyond that, he possesses a rare talent for passing on his own expertise to his students in an engaging, challenging and often ridiculously funny way.
    Bennett Owen (Berlin, Germany)
  • You will get into a fun new world, and even if you end up not writing speeches your writing skills will get better.
    Yuriko Garces Lee (Mexican Diplomat)
  • Brent is a great speechwriter and speechwriting trainer. For those whose first language isn't English, writing speeches for an English-speaking audience can be a tough task. Get it wrong and your business will suffer. Brent shows how to get it right.
    Nayeli Damian, Directora Del Instituto Cultural De Mexico En Miami

Get Speechwriting 101 Delivered Right Now!

Get Speechwriting 101 Delivered Right Now!