Ladies and gentlemen, all good things must come to an end. Due to current contract commitments, I cannot offer the On-Demand Speechwriting Course at the current time. Please check back in the future. To those who have participated in the course, I appreciate your support! If you have any questions, please see my FAQ page. 

Want to write better speeches but you're not sure where to begin?

Does being asked to write a speech send you into panic mode?

Does the speechwriting process itself seem confusing and overwhelming? 

You’re not alone.

Drafting a speech is unlike any other kind of writing. For one, speeches are heard, not read

It’s a different style of writing requiring completely different skills.

The good news is that you can learn to write better speeches, and you can begin right now.

Get Comprehensive, Flexible And Affordable Speechwriting Training...For Under $100!


Understand what really goes into writing great speeches.

Get rid of the panic and stress you feel when your boss asks for one!

Develop rhetorical techniques the pros use. 

Establish a base that may change your career and help you earn more money.

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Three Audio Lessons and Transcripts

Three Writing Worksheets and Assignments

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Here's What This Course Can Do For You!

  • Supercharge Your Career And Income

    Speechwriters make significantly more money than other writers and have better access to decision makers. Proper training puts you ahead of the pack.

  • Train On Your Own Time And Schedule

    It's 2015! Why train like it's 1975? Forget droning consultants and bad coffee. My multimedia learning environment makes learning flexible and fun. Best of all? You choose the time you want to learn.

  • Gain Insider Speechwriting Secrets That Will Boost Your Writing

    Not sure what a triad is? Chiasmus? Diacope? Find out what professional speechwriters do to make their speeches stand out (and how you can do it too).

  • Never Be Lost In A Speech Again

    Imagine: your boss sends you a speech request and you know exactly what to do next. No more guessing, no more, well, walking on eggshells!

  • Individual Coaching -- As Much Or As Little As You Need

    Flexible package allows you to choose how much individual guidance you need at a price that meets your training budget.

  • Speakers: Reduce Your Stress And Nervousness

    Knowing your written speech has strong structure, style, substance and storyline, you can deliver your next speech with confidence!

  • The speechwriting training was very detailed and easily understood even when doing it on your own. The audio classes from Brent were great as he used great examples and always tied all the modules together so you understood their importance. This was definitely a great investment and for persons seeking to develop their speechwriting skills, this course is highly recommended.
    Keila Fraser, Couva, Trinidad (took this course in 2016)

Here's Exactly What Happens When You Join

Let's say you signed up right now. You would:

1. Select a speech topic from a list that is easy to understand and navigate (and mark lessons completed).

2. Download or stream the high-quality, audio lecture (each approximately 20 minutes). 

3. Download and read the transcript for that module. Each is approximately 3,000-4,000 words.

4. Complete the speechwriting exercises in your downloadable personal worksheet for that module.

5. Read the bonus links and material that go with each module.

6. Post your assignments and, if you wish, get feedback from other speechwriters in an online forum. 

This Is The Page You'll See On The Front Page Of The Course

This Is The Page You'll See On The Front Page Of The Course

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers

Can You Really Learn Speechwriting Online? 
Absolutely. The course incorporates all the same things you'd find in a classroom course: speechwriting assignments, analysis and written material, but it's even more comprehensive. In a classroom you usually get two or three days to discuss everything there is to know about speechwriting. Really? Two days to learn everything? In my online course, you choose a learning plan that suits your time, schedule and budget. 

What Are The Results I Can Expect?
If you complete all the assignments for each of the modules, you can expect to write speeches that have clear style, structure, substance and storyline. You will understand what questions to ask to get the information you need, and how to develop a speech from first draft to final draft. More than that, you will also understand how to capture the "voice" of your speaker and the needs of the audience.

What Will Adding "Speechwriter" To Your Resume Do For Your Career?
Based on my experience and the experience of those who have taken my classes, you can expect better career choices and a boost in income. Look, good speechwriters are always in high demand. Those with the proper training? Even better.

How Are You Qualified? 
I've been a speechwriter for more than a dozen years at the highest levels of government and business around the world. This includes writing speeches and training speechwriters for the governments of Canada, USA, Mexico, Qatar, and for international organizations such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. I'm also a professional speaker and a finalist at the European Speaking Championships. Speechwriting is more than just theory for me! 

How Do I Know If This Is Legitimate?
Would a conversation with previous participants in the course help? Contact me ( and I'll be happy to put you in touch. You can also find more information about me on LinkedIn (along with written recommendations). 

I've Still Got Questions.
No problem! Please get in touch with me via email: 


Speechwriting Instruction From A Professional Speechwriter (Imagine That!)

I'm Brent Kerrigan of Global Speechwriter. 

I've gone from understanding nothing about speechwriting to becoming a professional speechwriter who has written for the most senior-level clients from organizations around the world.

This includes government ministers, prime ministers, heads of UN organizations, private business leaders, and non-profit organizations. My ghostwriting has appeared on CNN, in the International Business Times and The Guardian. 

I've also given online speechwriting courses to diplomats, freelancers and everyday writers throughout the world. 

I designed the Global Speechwriter On-Demand Speechwriting Course to provide a flexible, step-by-step approach to writing better speeches. 

There are four key modules that guide everything.

Ready to find out what they are? 

I Built This Course On Four Key Modules That Will Help You Write Better Speeches

Module 1: Style

The most important thing to know about speeches is that we’re writing them for the ear, not the eye.

In other words, we write speeches so that people hear them, not read them. It seems simple, but it’s a fundamental mistake many make when writing and delivering speeches.

Effective speeches aren’t long, boring lists of facts and stats. They’re not information orgies!

Effective speeches are all about creating vivid images, establishing emotional and personal connections with audiences, and getting listeners to act or feel a certain way.

They’re about using the right words for the right moments for the right people.

Module 3: Substance

Writing great speeches is about more than learning how to use the rule of three or understanding alliteration. Great speeches must have substance. In other words, they have to actually say something.

Easier said than done. Most writers want to cram every bit of information in as possible. But that’s not how audiences actually remember information.

The key to understanding what to include is understanding what questions need to be asked.

It's about understanding expectations of the audience and the speaker. It's about knowing what to keep in and what to keep out.  Most of all, it's about getting the right information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Module 2: Structure

The easiest way to drive from Point A to Point B is in a straight line. Most speechwriters, however, travel to Z, X, C, E and all points in between.

The result? A an audience in serious need of a GPS. 

If you want audience to remember the point of your speech, you have to give them a clear way of understanding it. And that means having a clear structure for your speech.

I have good news. While there is no silver bullet that will give you better speeches overnight, there is one structure that works almost 100 percent of the time. 

This On-Demand course focuses on getting that structure right the first time.

Module 4: Storyline

Humans have shared stories for thousands of years. There’s a reason: we love them! Unfortunately, most speakers leave stories out of their speeches (only the facts, ma'am!) 

Understanding how to implement stories that work, however, can mean the difference between a speech that is remembered (a successful speech) and a speech that is forgotten (a failure).  

And knowing what stories to tell, for how long, and for which audiences, is an integral part of the speechwriting process.

Bringing It All Together

Each of these four modules support the others.Global Speechwriter On-Demand Speechwriting Course 

The On-Demand Speechwriting Course helps you master them and much, much more. 

There are a total of 10 lessons that you can take on your own time, according to your own schedule, and it doesn’t require that you leave the office at all.

You won’t be stuck in a stuffy classroom, and with an instructor who has less speechwriting experience than you!

Instead, my course will give you a step-by-step approach of how to write speeches from first draft to final delivery.

You get access to audio and written lectures, practical exercises, one personalized speech analysis session and access to a community of speechwriters.

Finally, you’ll lay the foundation for not only becoming a better speechwriter, but a business you can truly call your own. Freelance speechwriting is a specialized (read: highly-lucrative!) field with low barriers to entry and great rewards.

What are you waiting for?

Here's What Participants Say

  • Whether you're new to speechwriting or have been at it for a while, you will benefit greatly from Brent Kerrigan's online speechwriting course. Brent has created a terrific program that distills speechwriting into clear components that demystify the process. He's a real pro who makes learning (or mastering) the craft straightforward and fun. Brent covers all the essentials, including speech structure, the drafting process, understanding your audience, working with speakers, and more. I finished Brent's course with a newfound confidence in my ability to write great speeches. Take this course — you won’t regret it.
    Sheri Saginor, Freelance Speechwriter (Boston, USA)
  • It goes without saying that Mr. Kerrigan is a supremely talented speechwriter, a master of his craft and a lover of the spoken word. Far beyond that, he possesses a rare talent for passing on his own expertise to his students in an engaging, challenging and often ridiculously funny way. I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone interested in pursuing the art of speechwriting.
    Bennett Owen, Freelance Speechwriter (Berlin, Germany)
  • I had never thought about the science of speechwriting or of becoming a speechwriter until I took the Global Speechwriter course online. I have to say I loved it since day 1. The course is not complicated, it is easy to understand and it covers everything about speechwriting. I would recommend the course to anyone – even if you don´t want to become a speechwriter or you never write speeches, take it. You will get into a fun new world, and even if you end up not writing speeches your writing skills will get better.
    Yuriko Garces Lee, Diplomat (Guadalajara, Mexico - Mexican Foreign Ministry)
  • It’s nice to see an instructor that cares about his students’ futures.
    Greg Hauenstein, Freelance Speechwriter, Iowa
  • Brent is a great speech writer and speech writing trainer. For those whose first language isn't English, writing speeches for an English-speaking audience can be a tough task. Get it wrong and your business will suffer. Brent shows how to get it right.
    Nayeli Damian, Directora Del Instituto Cultural De Mexico En Miami (Miami, USA)

The Most Comprehensive, Flexible, and Affordable Speechwriting Training Available

If you struggle to write speeches at work or you're interested in building your own speechwriting business, the Global Speechwriter On-Demand Speechwriting Course is for you.

Considering most in-house speechwriting training courses are $2,000 per day, and you never actually get to write anything, this course is a radical change in how speechwriting is taught and the value it provides.

It's the most comprehensive, flexible, and affordable speechwriting training program available. 

The Tryout Package

Three Audio Lessons and Transcripts

Three Writing Assignments

Easy To Sign Up For The Rest Of The Course (Just Pay The Difference)